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Apr. 10th, 2012 - 2 years ago - Reblog - 1 Notes

June Paik/Battle of Wolf 359 - Split 7” [Free Download]

Here’s a great emo violence/screamo split from Battle of Wolf 359 and June Paik.Battle of Wolf 369 are an emo violence/hardcore from london with both female and male vocals and then there’s June Paik, a german screamo band that i recently found.The split was released on 2010 and contains 2 songs from Battle of Wolf 369 and one June Paik song.Give them a listen below and download the split for free.Also check out their Facebook pages:
Battle Of Wolf 356 - http://on.fb.me/HyHZ1x 

June Paik: http://on.fb.me/HyIl8t

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Apr. 07th, 2012 - 2 years ago - Reblog - 3 Notes

This Town Needs Guns - Self Titled EP [Free Download]

This Town Needs Guns are a Math Rock/Indie band fromOxford,UK. The band have released 2 EPs, a full length titled Animals and few singles.Their self titled EP was released Digitally on 2008.You can Stream and Download the EP below.

Follow the band on Facebook:http://on.fb.me/Ho3wOV
Buy the album:http://bit.ly/Ho3zdt 

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Apr. 05th, 2012 - 2 years ago - Reblog - 2 Notes

Sed Non Satiata - Selftitled 12” [Free Download]


Sed Non Satiata are a French Screamo band formed in 2003.They have toured all over Europe, they’re now currently touring over the U.S. and working on a new LP somewhere in Chicago.For more info check out their website: http://www.sednonsatiata.com

You can download their selftitled album released on 2010, in this album they’ve put together some acoustic and post rock elements with their signature screamo sound.Tracklist and Download link given below.

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Apr. 04th, 2012 - 2 years ago - Reblog - 1 Notes

Sailboats - Demo [Free Download]

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Sailboats were a screamo band from Berkeley,California.The band have only released a 2 track demo which can be downloaded here.

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Apr. 03rd, 2012 - 2 years ago - Reblog - 3 Notes

Barely Blind - Wilder Child of a Thousand Suns [Free Download]


Hailing from Beaumont, Texas, Barely Blind are a four piece Indie/Pop Punk band.Till date they have released 2 EPs and their latest album Wilder Child Of A Thousand Suns on 2011.You can stream the entire album below and download it for Free here.

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